My Philosophy of Teaching

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Philosophy of Education

Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is a very important and hard decision. But for me, this decision was not hard at all because ever since I was a young child, I have always wanted to become a teacher. Many people find it amusing when I tell them of my aspirations of becoming a teacher, and they respond by saying that the only reason why I want to be a teacher is because my parents are both teachers. I respond to them by describing what teaching means to me and tell them what I could bring to the teaching professional to enhance it.

To me, teaching is such a rewarding career because you have the ability to shape the minds of the future. But with this rewarding career also comes many responsibilities. As a teacher you must be able to realize all the needs of your students and be able to accommodate these needs. I think that this is one of the most important things that teachers must achieve. They should be able to teach not only to the smartest child in the classroom, but also to the slowest child in their classroom. Another very important part of being a teacher is the impression that you make on your students. For many children, their only role model is their teacher. So I believe that as a teacher you must strive to make a positive impact on your student’s lives. When children are young, they are not always taught what is right from wrong. They model the behavior in which they see. If a child sees you as a teacher being caring, loving, and respectful to others then they will in treat others in the same way that you did. I know that many of my teachers had this impact on me, and I only hope that some day I can have that impact on a child.

When looking at the different philosophies of education I realized that I do not want to just be a Progressivist, I also want to be a Behaviorist and an essentialist. This is due to the fact that I like different aspects of each philosophy, and I believe if I could tie them all together then I would have a successful classroom.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they have always wanted to be a teacher, and their parents are both teachers. they describe what teaching means to them and what they could bring to the teaching professional to enhance it.
  • Opines that teaching is a rewarding career because it shapes the minds of the future, but it also comes with many responsibilities. they believe that teachers must be able to realize all the needs of their students.
  • Explains that they want to be a behaviorist and essentialist in their classroom. progressivism emphasizes democracy, students' needs, practical activities, and school-community relationships.
  • Explains that they would like to incorporate behaviorism and essentialist into their classrooms.
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