My Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education

I believe first and foremost that all children can learn regardless of age, race, gender, or disabilities. I also believe that all children begin their school career with a desire to learn. In some cases, however, that desire to learn becomes stifled and eventually ruined because of bad experiences with teachers, other students, or both. In those situations, I vow to take it upon myself to rekindle that desire to learn in my students.

My classroom will be an enjoyable experience for my students where they will feel safe and respected, and where they will learn to respect others. Ensuring that such an environment exists in my classroom will take a lot of work on my part. From day one I will make sure I develop fair and sensible rules and procedures, and will make these rules clear to all students. I will be fair and consistent in my classroom management procedures as well as in my disciplinary actions. At the same time, I will develop relationships with my students where they understand that I make the rules in the class and that I am also someone in whom they can confide and whom they can trust.

Before developing the curriculum for the year, I will make sure I am more than knowledgeable in the subjects I’ll be teaching. In order to teach my students what they need to know, I must be comfortable and confident in myself and my knowledge base. This confidence is also necessary in order to display to my students the love I will have for what I am teaching. Through my enthusiasm, I hope to impart a love and desire for learning into my students. I will strive to think creatively and constantly develop new and interesting ways to present material to my students. I will be aware of the different learning styles and abilities of each student in my class and teach in ways that all students can comprehend, process, and appreciate what they are learning. I will also strive to constantly hold my students’ interest in the material I am teaching.
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