My Philosophy of Education

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My Philosophy of Education

Becoming a teacher has always been one of my goals in life. What motivates me to become a teacher is that I love to help and teach children new things in life. I try to do this in a very unique way. I love to see kids happy. I think that being a teacher is a very rewarding job. Teachers should try to teach their students new things with a positive attitude, with enthusiasm and interest. Giving more attention to students of younger ages is especially important. It is a good feeling to see students become knowledgeable in all aspects and to prepare students to be successful for the good of society.

I want to give myself the opportunity to become a teacher, and help students to grow academically and emotionally to become successful in society. That is why it is so important for me to become a teacher at the elementary school level. I think that if smaller children learn in a very positive and enthusiastic way, they will learn more easily and will be more open to different learning tasks in the classroom. I think that a teacher can also help all students to obtain very high self-esteem, growth and integrity. A teacher can become, in certain ways, like a parent and most importantly, a friend. All of this is done without forgetting the responsibility of a teacher.

Teachers’ relationships with their students are very important, but it is my responsibility as a teacher to also create good relationships with other teachers, because this is important for the school and the society. Being enthusiastic and supportive of fellow teachers can show positive relationships among the different teachers in schools. By having a positive relationship with other teache...

... middle of paper ... meet the students’ parents, to ask for their help and to also celebrate the accomplishments of the student’s progress and teacher’s work.

I believe that a teacher should look forward to having a good parent communication, and to collaborate and help other teachers by sharing knowledge and experiences. Today, many parents have been relying on the teacher’s responsibility. Parents expect a lot from the teachers. They want the teacher to teach their children about morality and life-skill principles, which are one of the first issues a child should learn from home. Even though being a teacher is not easy today, I believe I can be a good teacher by using my talents of determination, open-mindedness, and warm feelings for others. I believe becoming a teacher is a difficult career, but at the same time it will bring great rewards and accomplishments.
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