My Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

Norms and values are a reflection of society’s standards of behavior. Since society evolves from each generational perspective, the “norm” is continuously changing. As a result, the rising adults have a grave influence on how the world will evolve into the next generation. What we teach our students today will reflect the success of our future. How we, as teachers, get our messages across will definitely influence the student’s ability to apply that knowledge. From my experiences and what I have encountered I intend to incorporate the Pragmatic and Idealistic philosophies into my classroom, based on my predictions on how to be a successful teacher.

The Pragmatic approach to education involves placing the students as a number one priority. This type of classroom environment would give the child an opportunity to make decisions, which is a crucial part of living a successful life in today’s societies. I would provide a classroom with a helpful and productive atmosphere. This would transform the classroom into a community of learners. This would give the children hands on experience with a project that needed solutions and the idea of how important “team work” can help in solving difficult situations. Students in my eyes will absorb a greater amount of material if they are actively involved in its processes. I concede with the theories of social reconstructionism in that I truly feel that in order to make a group successful, each individual that is apart of that group must be successful. This idea promotes human growth and development with the incorporation of flexibility in a student’s education. This flexibility will help the student deal with and be able to overcome conflicts within t...

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...cation pole, and I believe that the Idealism approach should also be incorporated into the classroom. There is no right or definite way to do anything; this should be kept in mind while performing any task. I feel like focusing on children and being a positive influence does nothing but benefit the child and the future of our world. That after all is what teaching is about, providing the tools to keep the world running. I think sometimes the foundation of teaching is repressed in the minds of teachers, do to the overload of stipulations placed on them daily. Whom are we really hurting here? The children are the ones who suffer. If the children stay as the focus in each classroom and are positively influenced by the teacher then education, what it truly means, will be reached. I plan to incorporate all of this into my everyday classroom. I hope others do to.
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