My Philosophy On Education

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My Philosophy On Education

Deciding on a career may be a hard decision for some people, but for me, it was easy. I have always known that I was going to be a teacher. There have been a variety of methods for teaching and learning introduced to me and I have developed my philosophy on education from them. Even though there have been many procedures presented to me related to education, only a few have facilitated me in choosing the way I plan to teach.

My family is very education-oriented and education has always been an important asset in my life as well. So, I have always strove to learn and work hard for good grades during my school years. Many of my family members have graduated in the top portion of their classes. Most of them later worked for the board of education or went on to college to become a teacher. Since I have always been excited to learn and I loved school, as well as my teachers, I knew that being a teacher would be the best career for me.

There are many things I would like to accomplish while I am a teacher. As a teacher, first of all, I hope to be as inspiring and encouraging like many of the teachers I had. Second, I want to make learning fun, but thought provoking. The third thing is that I would like to assist the students in comprehending what they are learning, not just to memorize the material. And, last, I want the students to want to come to school and have the longing to deepen their knowledge.

For my students, I expect them to develop an understanding of knowledge. I believe in the principle of progressivism where education should be an on going and productive process. Therefore, I want my students to grasp this concept and always be willing to learn.

I support the behaviorist’s view that the environment shapes and influences people. This theory goes into consideration with Rousseau’s theory that children mature through stages, when developing an environment suitable for the grade level a person is teaching. The curriculum should be focused on the student’s needs and how they learn best.

There are a variety of methods of teaching that I will use that I believe are important.
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