My Philosophy Of Life Is Based Upon Admiring People 's Distinctness And Embracing The Omnipresent Power Of Individuals

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My philosophy of life is based upon admiring people 's distinctness and embracing the omnipresent power of individuals with a diverse set of abilities, beliefs, and perspectives. I believe that diversity opens the door for human potentials. % Not only does diversity celebrate the variety of cultures, attitudes, and beliefs while cultivating equal opportunities, but also has profound influence on enriching individuals ' intellectual and social experiences. % % Similar to the essential foundations of welfare economics and social choice in human societies, fairness and equity are utmost building blocks of any academic community in higher education. % I believe that equity and diversity do not just refer to respecting and supporting various cultures, genders, or ethnicities, but delineates a more general social value in human potentials. That is, infusing diversity in higher education requires a subtle consideration of individuals ' personalities and traits even within the same cultural framework. % Whether they are employed in industry or academia, future leaders of the society will be those who have learned to appreciate, and even crave, differences and potentials. Recognizing these crucial values, as an educator I strive to create an environment that brings out students ' unique potentials and shows them the epiphany of their distinct values and perspectives. % As an international graduate student, I have developed a rich understanding of the subtleties of integrating to a new community, not only to the university and campus culture but also to a peculiar, and yet uniquely rich, multicultural north American society. % Over the past few years as an instructional developer, graduate student, and research associate, I have sought... ... middle of paper ... ...h. % My commitment to student-centered learning motivated me to initiate the Multi-Agent Systems (AI-MAS) reading group at the Cheriton School of Computer Science, where students, postdocs, and faculties gather biweekly to discuss various topics and papers in the areas of artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems. % As diversity in technical and educational background enhances classroom discussions and group work, creating an intellectually engaging teaching environment that promotes dialectical thinking is strengthened through distinct cultures, backgrounds, and values. Pertaining to the international student community, I aspire to guide and mentor students from various backgrounds and social groups. As an educator, I strive to foster a lively learning environment by advocating equality and fairness in every aspect of my pedagogical and academic endeavors.

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