My Philosophy – Beliefs about Teaching and Learning

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It was not long after teaching some private music lessons that I considered teaching as a career. The feeling of seeing a student take the knowledge that you passed on to them and then use it is one of the most exciting musical experiences I could have experienced as a high school student. Seeing their achievements and success as young musicians has become one of the main reasons I have chosen to become a music educator.
Teaching is an art and is far more complex than simply relaying information to students. A teacher must fulfill requirements, but a good teacher will go far beyond and will help their students mature into better young people. The best and most effective way I believe that I can teach music to students is through showing enthusiasm in the subject matter and genuinely caring about each student as an individual. Music is something that I love and hope every student appreciates. But more importantly, I have to make it a goal to teach the students how to be responsible and how to behave as a team of individuals. Whether or not the student understands music after they graduate or move up to the next grade, I want them to leave my band class having learned some life lesson that will stick with them for the rest of their life.
Every single student on earth has the ability to learn! Maybe music is not their thing, but learning will be different for every single student and they will all learn something from the classroom. Whether it is how to read notes, march in a band, help plan a band festival, make new friends, and work as a team, I want to use music to unite young people together and create a community. As a teacher I have to put my students as my number one part of my career. In order to do this, I will ha...

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... of an approachable person who does normal everyday life activities. From experience I know how great it is to see your band director helping with a car wash fundraiser, playing in a local community band, and acting in community plays. I believe that doing little things in the community will make you a better teacher!
As a professional teacher I must learn to see the world not through just my eyes, but the student’s eyes also. Because they are younger and have been raised in an ever modernizing world, I will have to face the challenge of keeping up to date with technology, music, and many other things! The reason I must do this is because of the overall focus of my teaching is the students. Everything I hope to do as a teacher should be for student growth! Someday I hope to look back at my life as a teacher and be able to say that I was true to that statement!
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