My Philosophy

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My Philosophy

A teacher plays a very important role in a child’s life, and that is the main reason I want to be a teacher. I want to be able to inspire, empower and help children to discover their unique learning ability, special interests and qualities. As a teacher I will be able to give students the gift of an education, which will help them advance as adults. I feel that there are many ways to go about teaching and managing a positive learning environment. I want to have a classroom in which students feel personally altered by their experience in my classroom. Progressivism is one major philosophical approach that I plan to use in my classroom, along with an assertive discipline approach.

In my classroom I want students to accomplish new material, learn to overcome the subjects they struggle with and develop confidence in what they do. I hope to help students acquire more of themselves in their education and strengthen their qualities. I not only want them to succeed in subjects but also grow as individuals. I plan to use the progressivism approach in my classroom because I believe that hands on education in a very effective way of learning. It helps students to get a first hand experience to see and feel what it is they are learning. I also think that working with groups in their classroom is very beneficial to students. By interacting with their peers they will learn how to share their ideas, accept others points of view and learn how to develop relationships , which is a very important part of life that will help them to succeed in their careers. I hope that my students leave my class with lots of new information , positive attitudes about learning, confidence and an open mind.


... middle of paper ... teaching and getting a better perceptive on children will make my life a fulfilled one because I will have been blessed by God in being part of a child’s life in a positive way. I want to continue to learn how to be an effective teacher and become an encouraging figure for a child’s life.

Teaching is more than instructing or giving information to students. It is about empowering students, inspiring them to grow intellectually, giving them courage to be creative, expanding their curiosity and providing opportunities. As a teacher I will always be learning just as my students. I will listen to them and grow from experiences with them. Learning in a multifaceted process that is different with every individual. As a teacher I want to be able to attend to all my students ways of learning, therefore I will continue myself to learn and understand students.
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