My Pesonal Accomplishments and American Dreams

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Let us think for a moment about what people such as I would like to accomplish and how many accomplishments people can have over a lifetime. Are accomplishments made on matters of physical characteristics or mental characteristics or both? When can you truly decide that an accomplishment is either worthwhile or hardly worth the effort; or is it perceived differently through the eyes of the people reading this essay? One can give a series of examples that would show accomplishments that are honored in the minds of the many, but shunned in the minds of the few, and questions that are shunned in the minds of the many but honored in the minds of the few. I may get carried away, but it doesn’t mean that the questions being asked in this essay can’t be solved or narrowed down to one’s opinion. As I try to state in this essay; there is no limit to the amount of accomplishments you can get if you truly believe it is possible to achieve them. I understand why I chose to go to a university close to home; it was cheap and I am able to see my family every day, not to mention that it is a way to ...
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