My Personality Type Based On The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss my personality type and how it relates to my success. I will explain my personality type based on the Myers-Briggs type indicator. Based on this indicator, I will discuss how understanding my personality type “ENTJ,” along with understanding the personality types of others can be useful. Using previous and current life experiences, primarily those that are work related, I will demonstrate how using the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator can produce success within relationships leading to better life results along with fitting a Christian world-view. Needs work My Myers-Briggs Personality typeNeeds work on the use of headings-it makes it much easier to follow and determine which concept you are discussing Extrovert 12% My personality type according to the Myer-Briggs indicator is that labeled with the initials E.N.T.J (Jung, 2015). These initials stand for Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging (Myers, 2015). My first trait is given the initial “E” which stands for extrovert. Being an extrovert, I am someone who is friendly and outgoing. Being around others energizes me. Extroverts tend to talk first and think later I am easily approachable and enjoy conversations. I do enjoy meetings, wanting my feelings and thoughts to become known by others. I prefer to generate ideas with the help of a group. I do appreciate being able to bounce my thoughts off of others. I also need to receive feedback from others regarding how I look, what I do, and just about everything else that happens in my life. A weakness to this trait is that I can become frustrated if my feelings are not expressed. (Kroeger, 2002) Good use of a reference-but check the placement of the pu... ... middle of paper ... ...tting to me that she did not like people. Understanding personality types, I can avoid making a hiring mistake of this nature. If a person’s personality type does not fit important job requirements then that person should not be hired. It is not wise to hire a non-people person for a job that requires high people skills. Understanding how personality traits work, I will be less likely to be as judgmental of other. I can be more understanding of the needs of others. I can try to find what works best for the people that I work for and around including future relationships with those outside of work as well. Understanding personality types will make me a better leader. Helping me to best fit with a Christian world-view (Liberty University, 2012). With this knowledge I can better serve others knowing their needs, producing better relationships at work and otherwise

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