My Personality Has Been Shaped Essay

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How My Personality Has Been Shaped The day it all started was when I was two years old, it was the day I was going to meet my parents for the first time. I had no clue that in the next couple of years I would learn so much about all the right and wrong things, and it was all taught to me by these particular people in my life. Now here's the story of how all these individuals changed and affected my life. My personality has been shaped by my parents, my grandmother, my teachers, and my friends. In an old tan house with a green roof on the outside of town. I had plenty of room to run in the back pasture, an open field, full of fresh cut green grass. Where I was raised to dream, hope, and inspire others. Thanks to my parents I am the person I am today. My dad is a tall, bulky man that loved his kids. My dad showed me that you have to work hard to get what you want and not to procrastinate but to always get your job done ahead of time. My mom always loved to see us grow to be independent. I have learned a lot from my parents. They taught me to be responsible, reasonable, and respectful. They taught me to be a role model and to always help people. My parents pushed me to do the best that I can, so I could have a better future. They have prepared me to go out in the world on my own. I am thankful they pushed me to achieve all the goals I put before myself. I dream to become a doctor, and I know they will stand behind me each step of the way. My Nennie was a role model for me. She taught me to stand up for the right thing no matter if it involved me or not. She used to say, “ Be kind to one another”. She always took care of everyone even when she wasn’t feeling great herself. She taught me the most about friendship, and that caring for ... ... middle of paper ... ...would look for a spot that we could nap together even though we didn't have the same class the same class but they knew we would not go to sleep without each other. We each taught each other to be a better person we will stick to together as long as we can. We are planning to join the Air Force to support our country and help shape the world as we have shaped each other. We strive to be the best we can, and we will continue to push each other. I love my best friend, and we want to help save the future. Now that I look back on my life I see the impact that I have made on other people’s lives and the effect that they had on mine. My parents, grandmother, teachers, and friends have made my life great and have changed my personality. I can’t wait to join the Air Force to impact the lives other people as my parents, grandmother, teachers, and friends have changed mine.
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