My Personal Values Of Loyalty

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I face different perspectives each day since beginning school this semester. I made the decision to return to college after 26 years of justifying why I should not return from only one perspective, my own. Engaging in dual perception keeps me from loading up my backpack and heading home to my comfort zone. I have conversations with people who differ in age, demographic, culture, lifestyle, to name a few. These differences design perspectives as unique as fingerprints. Communication between two people always includes these unique perspectives, having been influenced by distinct values integrated in each person (Wood, 2014). My personal values of loyalty, authenticity, and self-respect have important roles when I choose to view a situation from a different perspective. Their respective roles are to keep me faithful to my beliefs, base decisions on facts, and to honor myself while respecting others. Exploring the origin of my values helps to organize and assign their importance throughout life stages. Personal values create a…show more content…
However, the focus of loyalty was the whole family. Loyalty remains as an important personal value, however modified to be applied to individual family members, each with different perspectives, instead of the family as one unit. Loyalty is an important value when engaging in dual perception because it is based on faithfulness to what is important to me and the other person. Even when two people have similar values, such as loyalty, their perspectives can differ greatly. A friend and I are equally loyal to our children and their well-being, however our perspectives on vaccinations differ greatly. Although we may never agree on our differing perspectives, I respect and understand her perspective because it is based on her loyalty to responsible parenting, a value I share. Her perspective is quite persuasive, so I don’t rely on loyalty alone when comparing it to my own
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