My Personal Success

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Living on my own, attending college, making the dean’s list and buying my first car have all attributed to my own personal success. Success does not come easy it takes hard work and dedication. Through many obstacles I have worked hard to make sure that I am succeeding and will continue to succeed.
Living on my own has not been easy but with dedication and hard work I have managed. I moved out of my parents’ home in March 2015 and it was probably one of the hardest things I have done. I was at first very excited about moving out and being on my own. Growing up with strict parents I was excited to be able to do what I wanted and make choices on my own. My excitement of living on my own was soon short lived because of my roommate, I realized
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If you were to have asked me my senior year in high school what were my plans after graduation, I would have told you in detail what my plans were. I was planning on attending college starting my own daycare and settling down. Well things didn’t go as planned in fact they took a whole different path. After graduating high school, I was planning on attending college but because of personal and financial issues I was not able to. I decided that I was going to take two years off and work and then attend college. After working two full time jobs for two years I was finally ready to go back to school. My parents never attended college so this was all new to us. Finding the right program learning how to sign up for classes was all very new. Although it was tough getting started I was finally all signed up for classes. With working so much I did not feel the need to apply for financial aid I was just going to pay it myself. Although at times it is stressful to make the payments I have managed to pay them working part time during the school year and full time during the summer. I am now on my fourth semester here and can happily say that I have paid for every semester with my own hard work. I am graduating in May with my diploma in Early Childhood and will return in the fall to complete my AA to graduate in December and couldn’t be happier with where I am. Although my plans aren’t what I thought they…show more content…
Every teenager dreams of getting a car when they turn sixteen, well for me that was a little different. My parents weren’t able to give me a car for my sixteenth birthday at first it made me mad but I knew if I couldn’t have one at the time there was a good reason for it. I rode the bus through all four years in high school. Once I had graduated though I needed a care to be able to get to and from work. My parents decided to buy a new car and lend me their old one, a 2001 venture, I must admit I did not like driving that minivan It made me feel old and it was also super old! I knew I couldn’t drive that van forever nor did I want to. I worked two jobs and made it my goal to get myself a new car. I didn’t spend any of my money on useless things and saved as much as I could. By the end of my first year working two full time jobs I finally had enough money to start looking at cars. I knew cars would be expensive so I was mentally preparing myself to make monthly payments. As my dad and I looked for cars I fell in love with a jeep but it was way over what I wanted to spend so we kept looking. I ended up finding the perfect car a Pontiac G6, it was the perfect car for me! The best part was that I had saved enough money to make the payment in full and not have to worry about car payments. On April 9th which happened to fall on my birthday bought myself my very first
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