My Personal Strengths For A Social Worker

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Since I was little I always wanted to help people, make them happy in any small ways that I could mustered. One of my favorite memory was when I started dancing for my grandma when I was little, because I noticed that she was crying. I did not understand why she was crying, I just knew that I loved seeing my grandma smile. My grandma always loved grabbing me at random times and dancing with me, so when I saw her crying, I taught the best way to get her to stop was to dance. I was raised in Haiti for eight years. Those first eight years of my childhood was full of joy and happiness. I played with friends and my sibling, ate, and went to school, and had nothing to worry about. It was not until a few months of coming into the United States that…show more content…
When I am involved in something, I give it a hundred and ten percent. I give that experience all that I have to offer, because I believe if you going to be involved in something you have to surrender all your strength to that event. I personally believe that’s an important skills for a social worker to have because as a practitioner we have to give clients our most divided attention. I am also an open-minded person, and because of that I am able to connect with people outside my safety zone. I want to help anyone that needs it, no matter their circumstance. The fact that I am open-minded also makes it easier for me to be compassionate. I have always been kind to others, and since a young child my parents always taught me to be considerate to other’s…show more content…
It taught me how to relate to people, because I had to make the parents feel comfortable leaving their children in my care. We had the children for an entire week, and when the parents came to drop the kids off in the first day it was the counselor’s job to make the parents feel secure enough to leave their kids alone. I was able to learn new skill in how to interact with the parents, and each week I improved a little bit in dealing with the parents. I talked to the parents by telling them what their kids would be doing throughout the week, I walk them through each activities and answer their question they had for some activities. I could tell the parents felt more comfortable, after hearing what their kids would be doing. This is going to help me the social work profession, because I need the skills to deal with parents so they can feel comfortable letting me help their children. If one of the kid’s parent do not feel comfortable with me, it will be hard to get their kid to trust me and tell me details of the issue in hand. . Since the camp activities were all schedule oriented my punctuality skills became impeccable. I learned to always be on time, and that’s an important asset to have as a social worker because it makes you trustworthy and reliable to your client. If I’m meeting a client somewhere, and if I’m late, that has a negative

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