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Connectedness, input, include, woo, and adaptability: These are my top five strengths. Before taking the strength finder assessment, I definitely felt as though I had useful skills in these areas, but I am doubtful that I would have ever guessed them as my main strengths. Before coming to Mizzou, I was unfamiliar with this strength assessment. Now that I know my top five strengths, I am able to use them to my advantage in my education as well as my personal affairs to achieve my goals. My top strength, connectedness, is often described as living with a sense of purpose and belonging. Without a doubt, I can consistently see this strength in my everyday life and interactions with others. I have faith that everything happens the way that it needs to. A mantra which I have lived by for the past few years has been, “I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds it”. Growing up, I was brought to church every Sunday and was raised a strong Christian. This mantra is an altered quote from the Bible which suggests that we need to let go of anxieties about the future and live in the moment. When asked if they could see this strength in me, my parents did not hesitate to confirm. I have always lived my life with a positive outlook and even when I fail, I believe there is a lesson to be learned. My…show more content…
Some of the qualities associated with this are a love of new things and a desire to collect information. I would say that this strength is the most beneficial in a classroom setting and propels my desire to learn and ask questions. In the summary of this strength, I was described as having a love for new things and excitement towards the unknown. Growing up, I have always been drawn to as many activities as I could handle. I was involved in everything from sports to clubs to theater. This strength has taught me to be well rounded and to get along with many types of people, leading to my third strength as an

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