My Personal Statement On My Life

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Growing up I was very sheltered since I was the only child. My parents are the soul of every decision and path I took. My mother always voiced that it is smarter for her to tell me right from wrong rather than have me fail. Conversely, I wanted to explore and make my own mistakes to achieve growth and accomplishments in my life. To stray away from the sheltered environment, I started my online business in 2013 that consisted of handmade products. My first product was a customized bracelet I made for a friend. After her positive reaction to the gift, I sold ten similar bracelets online priced with a profit margin of $4. However, the product sales were short-lived because I lacked a market strategy and the business expertise to sustain sales. I didn’t quit there. The second product I sold was a frame with a personalized quote. The idea evolved after my supervisor expressed that I have a knack for creativity. Once again, I channeled my entrepreneur mindset and sold personalized frames to consumers online. With a different strategy, I kept my margins large and the product more personal. Manufacturing costs were $2 but sold the frames between $10-12 depending on the frame size. As a new approach to increase purchases, consumers were able to fully customize the frame color and size, and choose their own quote. Unfortunately, my business was not sustainable because rather than focusing on retaining existing customers, I primarily focused on capitalization. My vision was not to be an entrepreneur, but to do something out of my protected comfort zone and be a self-starter. Moreover, a Business Degree will take me further out of my comfort zone. My purpose to get an MBA is to expand and challenge my business horizon that will prep me to ach... ... middle of paper ... ...ment will be more caring and attentive to their student’s needs and growth. Finally, there’s an opportunity to learn organizational behavior and leadership with an emphasis on the integration of biblical principles from professors who have extensive experience in high leadership positions. Lastly, it brought excitement to know that the program included an international trip. The trip would add much knowledge about another region and get me out of my comfort zone by putting me in front of established people. I hope I get the opportunity to grow and strengthen my skills in your program. I can assure you that I am a focused, determined, and persistent individual who will succeed in the program. Most importantly, an MBA will expand my knowledge to help me achieve my goal of becoming a Project Manager and give me opportunities to break out from my sheltered environment.

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