My Personal Statement : Basketball Games, Middle School, And Two Years Of High School

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I continued to play basketball throughout elementary, middle school, and two years of high school. During one of my basketball games as a teenager the official and I were not seeing eye to eye on many of his calls. My temper got the best of me and I received a technical foul, which infuriated and I proceeded to walk towards the official to voice additional disagreement. Suddenly, I heard a thunderous, “BOY!” from the bleachers. "Boy", is how my father referred to me when I had really crossed the line. Therefore, I immediately stopped and turned to walk to the bench. Upon reaching the bench I started to sit down only to have my coach, who happened to be my uncle, pointed up into the bleachers to where my father was sitting. I walked up the bleachers to my father and was informed I was out of the game until I apologized to the official. My response was essentially, “We might as well leave, because that’s not going to happen.” My father stated, “Well you aren’t going to walk out on your team so sit down and watch until you change your mind or the game ends.” It was apparent to me that he would not tolerate me disrespecting authority and that the team came well before me. Eventually, I swallowed my pride and apologized to the official, my team, my uncle/coach, and my father. During my senior year of high school I was suspended from school for actions that were meant to be a joke but resulted in an injury to another student. I was terrified to have to tell my father but knew I wanted him to hear it from me and not the school. When I told him what happened and the consequences I would have to pay for my actions I expected one of my father 's powerful tongue-lashings. Instead, I received a hug followed by encouraging words to the effec... ... middle of paper ... ...her has been and continues to be the primary example of leadership in my life. While we are in two separate career fields I use the many life lessons he has taught me and the leadership style he employs to guide me in my professional life. I strive every day to set the example I want others to follow and to lead others with love. I put my wife, Jessica, and two daughters, Aubree and Maycee, first in my life and encourage those I work with to do the same with their families. I stress to them not allow work to consume them and take from their family time. I am respectful of those I work with and maintain an open door policy. I look for opportunities to assist my coworkers where needed in order for them to accomplish their goals and ultimately department and unit goals. To this day I strive to be like my father both in my professional life as well as in my family life.

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