My Personal Reflection On Learning

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Reflection Introduction When I first started Moody Distant learning, I really did not know how I would do, or how I would be able to learn/ keep up with the work. I was a little nervous. I did not know what to expect due to the fact this was my first full time online studies. But in all in the hard work, long readings, and numerous papers I think I have done well and have learned more than I have expected about myself. Through out this whole quarter I have learned so much about myself and the different styles of learning. Foundations of learning helped me discovery my personality type, learning styles, and how to incorporate them all in a Christian matter. Not only am I able to get an amazing education, but I am also able to obtain experience from every day life. My Personality I have always been an outgoing person, I love being around people, but every once in a while I still need time to myself, so this was taking online classes was going to be a big challenge for me, because I was used to the class room atmosphere. But, after taking some personality tests I found out I am an idealist, which is why I am always learning and trying to improve myself and love to work with others. This is could be a reason why I am called into the ministry because I love to help people. Knowing your personality is key to understand who you are,how you learn, and find your spiritual gifts that God has given you. Even though I am not face to face with my class mates like I like to be, I am still able to interact with them and share experiences through forum posts, it is good to be able to learn different styles of learning.(portrait of an idealist) I have learned that we all are individuals, we have our different personalities,character, gifts... ... middle of paper ... ... class has been a wonderful blessing to me. Even though it was challenging and forced me to push some barriers, I really learned a lot about myself. I learned about my personality and the learning styles I prefer, but I have also learned how to adapt to different learning styles. but also how to incorporate the things I learn into the lives of others. That is the best type of learning we can all get in this life, how to use our knowledge and help others with it. I have learned from the 7 habits, how to improve my time management and critical thinking, while in Courage and Calling I have learned how to follow God 's calling in my life by knowing the stages of life I am in, understanding myself, and incorporating all types of learning. I would recommend everyone to take this course in order to find out your who you are and how to apply yourself into the lives of others.
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