My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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The occupation of Nursing is an amazing career to get into. By starting out and getting your bachelor’s degree in Nursing, you can branch off into so many directions and conquer so many other careers! I love the medical field in general because most everyone who works in the medical field work very closely with people and do their best everyday to help others. Helping other people is very important to me. I believe that becoming a nurse is one of the best ways for me to be able to help people.
I believe that the college of nursing’s I-CARE values relate greatly to the practice of nursing. I believe that the five values in the I-CARE (integrity, caring, accountability, respect, and excellence) make up the fundamentals and requirements to become a nurse. When being taken care of, you want someone who is honest and truthful, someone who you can trust your health with. Any job that requires you to work with people must also require you to be a very caring person. Anyone who doesn’t like working with people, definitely shouldn’t work in the health field. There are times when you have to do things for other people that you most likely don’t want to do, but it is your job! All of these qualities come together to create the perfect nurse!
I researched many hospital’s views on the philosophy of nursing. Personally, I really enjoyed St. Mary’s hospital in Evansville, Indiana. Similar to our college of nursing’s I-CARE values, St. Mary’s hospital has their own set of values. St. Mary’s hospital believes in: providing perspectives for care of the patient, nursing practice, leadership, scholarship, and research(“Philosophy of Nursing,” 2014). They believe that the relationship between the patient and nurse is very important, as do I. In or...

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...from their patients. I believe our patients bring out the better in us and help us stop and realize the many amazing things in our lives.
Nursing is an amazing career and I am beyond blessed and excited to go through this journey in my life to become a nurse! There is nothing I love more than doing my best to help people. I would love to continue my education someday and further myself into another career branched off of nursing. I cannot wait to see the future that is in store for me!

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