My Personal Philosophy of Education

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My Personal Philosophy of Education

One’s philosophy might contain views and values of education, methods of teaching, the purpose of a good education and why one uses certain curriculum. I feel that these four aspects are most important to me in my personal philosophy and will be in my classroom one day.

I believe that the overall purpose of education is not only to teach students certain skills, but also to teach them to be their own person and individual thinkers. As a teacher one has to fulfill the role of educating and go beyond the teaching aspect, you have to be a role model, a fill in mommy, and a friend. As you are filling these different roles in your classroom, you also have to maintain control. I believe that education is important because as a society we need to learn and grow from what we know. Education is there to teach us about the past and prepare us for the future, which is why education is a leading and important part of our lives.

As a Health and Physical education teacher, I plan to be a role model for every student that I teach. Not only do I want to be a role model for my students but also I want to be an inspiration. I want to inspire my students to do their best and reach for the top. I hope to touch the lives of the children that I meet, as well and help them progress. My first goal will be not only to teach my students the different aspects of physical education, but also to help them use these skills out side of the classroom. I hope to show students that there is more to what they are learning, by showing how to use the skills. I believe that students not only need someone to teach them, they also need someone to guide them in a positive directi...

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...many others. A teacher is one who has to overcome the fear of walking into a classroom of uncontrollable students; she has to hold her head up high. Any sign of giving in to the students many destroy the teacher herself. A teacher is one who is willing to get up every morning and teach these students even when they would rather do other things with their time. An achievement in becoming a great teacher lies within the person. The decision to have a great classroom that the students look forward to or a classroom that all the students hate is left up to one person, the teacher. I hope to become the teacher that all the students look forward to having, and I will strive to make my classroom the best that it can be. Children realize that education plays a major part in their lives and I hope to make it memorable and enjoyable, as well as helpful and educational.
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