My Personal Methods Of Education

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Educators hold a lot of personal beliefs when it comes to their individual methods of teaching. As for my personal beliefs, I feel that a child’s education should always education but still engaging for the students, all students can learn through learning styles that utilize their strengths, and finally I believe that the classroom should be a fun, relaxed, and stimulating environment for the students. These are three general beliefs that I hold as an education that allows students to feel enjoy learning in school, and feel safe while learning.
Firstly, I believe that learning should be introduced to children as a fun an interesting concept that they would want to do. Too many times, I’ve seen schools focus on traditional learning methods where students sit at their desks and write in their books for hours in the day. Also, students see failure as a negative connotation, and thus are unable or unwilling to learn from their mistakes. For these reasons I feel that students should always be introduced to learning, lessons, and concepts in a fun and interesting manner that will keep them wanting to learn. One example of this occurring in a classroom that I have worked with is having students engage in an activity
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I want my students to understand that life is a learning experience, and I want them to strive to learn; not just to get the grades, but mainly to become a better person. The only way to do this is to make learning and life an enjoyable experience for my students, to mix the lesson’s up by playing off of different learning styles to allow different students to shine in areas where they wield strength, and to make students feel a sense of security and excitement when they walk into the classroom every morning. In the end, we teach for the sake of the student, and we as teachers need to focus on understand life rather than memorize
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