My Personal Life: The Experience That Changed My Life

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This is the experience that changed my life. Now this did not happen years and years ago, and in fact I still feel the event every day. The death of my grandfather was felt all through my family, and I am still not sure if I am completely over it. I remember the day like it happened only moments ago, all though it been almost a year now. The anger and the confusion of his death was so shocking, but the events leading to it seem more important than ever. The first time I really noticed that his age was catching up to him was the first time he slipped and fell. It was a sleepy afternoon at my house, I was sitting in my Father’s room. My dad and I were watching a rerun of “The Walking Dead”. I sat in a soft leather chair, I was half asleep with the warm sun directly on me. The smell of my father`s cigarette filled the room along…show more content…
I slowly pulled out my phone to see it was my Father calling “It happened” “please come home”. That was all that was said, and in no time at all I was standing over his body. He looked so peaceful, like it all was a bad dream and, He was just gone. Just like that, one of my greatest friends, and teachers was gone without another word. I had no closure, and had no idea if he was at peace. The hardest lesson I ever learned, and it has changed how I look at everything. Life is short, but the souls you touch and the memories and lessons passed down from you too the rest of the family. That, that makes you immortal. I wake up every day so grateful for the life that I lead and I know that it was all made possible by a man who wasn’t even related to me by any blood. He had no obligation to me, yet the only reason I am in college is because of him always taking care of this family. He’s taking care of us right now even in death with the money left to us through all these programs that none of us even knew He signed up for. He’s life and, his death has molded me from high school too now slowly learning all the lesson he silently
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