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I'm a child that has room for improvement. A child that will look to the farthest of his limits to succeed in what he wants. Sometimes it doesn't work out the way you want it, but you still need to keep on going, you can't put yourself down. I feel sad in the inside but you keep on going. To tell you the truth I'm not perfect either; I have my mistakes. But I'm not the type of person that never fixes it. You at some point realize that you want to take responsibility for your actions and act upon it and not just leave it how it is. I was taught to act upon your actions. This was taught by my dad.
My dad taught me many things. He taught me "never give up, you finish it until its done, don't leave things half way" this is a philosophy I use everyday in my life, I'm a accomplisher not a failure. I have talks with my dad that will forever be part of my memory. We have talks about ways to succeed, what to do when things don't come out the way you want it, and at times my dad tells me things to warn me about my behavior. He always tells me to change my habits sometimes that are not always great. For example not to procrastinate and in my belief I must improve on it. I know that I'm not the best at what I do. Sometimes I get home tired from school and sports; sometimes I don't feel like doing my homework right away. I do admit it I must change that behavior because procrastination leads you to nowhere.then ask myself, do I want to regret something because of procrastination? I have felt it and to tell you the truth it's not the best feeling in the world. You feel upset, angry, and frustrated that you failed to be on top of your game. This feeling I never want to feel again. My dad has felt the same way once in his life and he tries as ...

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...classes at college level.I have to admit I must work hard for it because no one is going to knock at my door and saying here it is; without any effort.
One day when I'm older and having the life I built to have. I want to remember all the things that built me as a person, not necessarily just the good ones. Many people don't want to remember the bad things but I want to remember it because whatever I did is on the past and you must learn from it and move on. Not only that but my mistakes changed my mentality of the way I see things. I want to remember all the fun things I did, all the stressful moments of studying, I want to remember even the teachers that made my days somehow more difficult. You need to live your life to the fullest. Times passes and you can't go back, but you got to admit to yourself what changed you and what made you become to the person you are.
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