My Personal Learning System

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As a former graduate coming out of high school and straight into college, I already knew what major I wanted and what career I wanted to pursue. I have explored and discovered particular characteristics and morals of myself through the various articles I’ve read and projects I’ve been working on. I have learned who I am and who I want to become as a person. I’ve manifested several skills on how to become a better scholar, how to improve my personal learning system, how to manage my time wisely, and how to have reflexive Praxis. There are numerous ways I can become a better scholar. I can acquire certain qualities, understand who I am, and become more organized to be a better scholar. My list consists not of required courses, but of personal…show more content…
My own personal learning system has been building itself since I entered school. It’s like building a fort; got to have strong critical thinking and rhetoric skills. Although that might not always be the case due to the lack of teaching these critical skills at the high school. The high school courses were heavily focused on preparing students for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exams (Cabrera, Lopez, & Saenz, 2012, p. 240) and now known as the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. These state tests have become a barrier to my learning system because my English courses in high school taught me nothing about critical thinking or rhetorical reading. The school was too focused on EOC and TSI and the STAAR all for state exams that didn’t even prepared me for college writing and reading. Students graduate come to college and the professors expect us, incoming freshman, to be experts at writing critically and reading rhetorically. My AP classes taught me a lot, but not the certain skills I needed for college. Even though this might be my barrier, I’ve learned other strategies to improve my personal learning system. I know what classes to expect through my career project. The road map to my major tells me what classes I need. I know not to ignore my resources given to me on campus. My professors, my peers, the Learning Center, the Houser Lab, and the UTRGV mentors. There is no point of being afraid to in
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