My Personal Learning Style: The Different Aspects Of Learning

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There are many different aspects that influence the way in which you learn. Knowing the style in which you learn can greatly benefit you and others around you. During this assignment I have found out what learning styles affect me the most and the others that just did not help me at all. Whilst using these newfound methods of my personal learning style I have noticed a huge difference in my studying in the fact that I am learning more. My personal favorite style of learning is via Interpersonal communication. I feel as though talking to someone about the subject at hand really helps me understand better. It also makes me feel more connected to the person I am discussing the issue with as I can hear not only what they have to say and the tone…show more content…
This one really helped me because it was just communicating with myself. What I mean by this is the fact that I was actively thinking of questions and coming up with solutions in my head whilst using this method of learning style. It helped in the fact that it made me think more about the situations I was in and what I could do to fix them all by myself. It also made me more self-aware in the fact that I was more aware of my own thoughts and how they made me feel. I for some strange reason also felt more empowered while using this learning style. I 'm not sure why, but I believe it stems from the fact that I was really confident with questions and solutions I answered myself during the trial period of exclusively using this method of learning. This style in particular also made me feel as though I could answer any question, which is a very unique response for myself as I always doubt…show more content…
I believe that in some ways I am someone that participates in this learning style for many reasons. I tend to look at things with an immense amount of logic and really think things through before I commit to something. My logical thinking has helped me in many more ways than I could possibly count! I am great with numbers such as one that is mathematical/logical would be, and I really enjoy working with numbers. I also have a great understanding of things involving logic such as puzzles and mysteries. I am also great with things involving scientific properties and things of that specific nature. All of the above lead me to believe that I could also be a mathematical/logical learner. It is so great knowing this because it can help me in many ways in life such as when I am studying or need to solve a problem. Many famous people are mathematical/logical learners. Among them are Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Stephan Hawking, Bill Gates, and Thomas Edison. It is amazing to know that so many influential people here on Earth are or were mathematical/logical learners. I am also amazed by the fact that all of the above mentioned people have done something meaningful to help other with their lifetimes and we could trace that back to all of them simply being mathematical/logical

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