My Personal Goals For My Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy Education
There are many different views when it comes to Philosophy of Education there are no two teachers that will teach the same but however here is what I think that is most important when it comes to being a teacher. My personal goal for my future classroom is that I want to challenge each of my students to do the very best and to watch them grow into their fullest potential. However, teaching minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly it is my job as an educator to maintain a safe learning environment. I think that once a child feels safe in a classroom you will see a tremendous response in his/or learning. Children will have greater respect for their teachers, their peers, if they feel safe. Classroom Organization plays a big role and also a key concept when considering teaching, if students are in a classroom that is unorganized it can have a hinder
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I want to help students to developed love and respect for themselves and others. I want to make an impact on the students I teach. I know that each child I will come in contact with will be a unique individual filled with their own goals and ideas. I feel that there is a need for compassionate, strong, and dedicated individuals who are excited about working with children. I want to be able help each student mature emotionally, intellectually, and socially. For me teaching provides an opportunity for continue growth and learning there will never be enough information to learn. It will be my goal as a teacher to make sure and show each of my students at the beginning of the year what will always be expected from them. I want to share my own for learning with them. I will always strive to be the
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