My Personal Experience: The Influence Of Music In My Life

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Music has always had a large influence in my life. From the time I was a child, I loved turning on the radio and dancing around. As I grew older, I found that I could harness this musical energy and began to clean while listening to music in a creative mix of dancing and putting things away. I began to apply this method I found that cleaning became more desirable and I actually had a desire to clean if not, just so I could listen to music. I can’t recall when I first had the idea to apply music for studying, though I know that it started with reading. Whenever my family would go on a road trip I would bring a book to read. However, just as I would start into the story my mind wandered and focused on the conversations and various sounds around…show more content…
The nursing students themselves were the ones to take their own pulse throughout the test while hooked up to a finger temperature reader. I feel that this was a detriment to the study as the subjects were in charge of inputting their own results while distracted by a test. A heart rate monitor or some other form of measurement would have yielded more accurate results. This makes it hard to validate the emotion claims of less anxiety by the subjects without any physical change in my opinion. However, despite the inaccuracies the test results did improve and the students did report feeling less anxious demonstrating that music has at least a neutral or slightly positive effect on the emotional state of individuals in an academic environment. Next, I looked another study similar to the first one in an effort to validate the first sources initial finding with more concrete results. I looked at this study also because it not only studied the positive effects of music on testing it also looked at how music could be more detrimental which would give a greater balance to my research of both sides of the argument. The authors Lilley, Oberle, and Thompson, are all professors at Texas University and the article was part of the book Psychomusicology published in…show more content…
The authors are all part of the department of youth policy and public health services at Erasmus MC University Medical Center. The lasting effects of listening to music at high volumes on mental health and cognitive functions. The study took a swath of the demographic in the Netherlands and had them fill out a questionnaire in relation to their listening habits throughout the course of their lives and their mental and physical states. Overall they found a correlation between High Volumes of music and increased thoughts of suicide and depression. The surveys proved to be a weakness for the piece as the answers are all based on whether or not the participants provided truthful accurate information and not any

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