My Personal Experience : Personality Tests And Horoscopes

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Most people, when looking at things like personality tests and horoscopes, and other conclusive assesments, tend to try and make sense of the response by relating what the personality test says to specific aspects about themselves. When I got my results back from the personality quiz, I was anything but surprised, if anything, the quiz just confirmed how indecisive I can be and how mixed my personality can be. In every single category, I had moderate results, never expressing too much of a lean in either direction. Perhaps the most accurate description of myself, offered by the quiz, in regards to being extroverted or introverted. According to the quiz, I lean just slightly over to the side of extroverted, which is very true. I see myself as switching back and forth from extroverted to introverted depending on the situation and environment I am in. As far as my personality matching my dream job of a physical therapist goes, it’s kind of difficult to match up with anything when you’re results were as neutral as mine. According to the quiz, I didn’t have any strong personality features that significantly outweighed others; just a bit of everything, which could be seen as a good thing considering I could adapt to any one of my many personality traits. After taking the personality test, I was given the personality type ENTJ(CPP Inc, 2014). The career the personality test matched me with was a field marshall because of my desire to lead and take charge. This didn’t really seem to fit perfectly with my dream job as a physical therapist considering the fact that therapists need to be able to work collectively in groups rather than on their own (O*NET Online, 2014). Another trait of physical therapists emphasized by the O*NET database w... ... middle of paper ... ...ll fair at the job. After all, there are many successful people that work together, have the same tasks, yet have very different personalities. I feel like personality tests are just conclusions based on an accumulation of stereotypes about personality traits. After looking at how specific jobs fair with specific personality traits, it’s safe to conclude that even though someone’s personality might affect their best fit career, personality tests, which only assess you based on the biased information you provide, are not a fair judgement on what kind of person you are and what kind of career you should choose. Although it is important for a person to be able to adapt to the needs of their job, there is not a specific “personality mold” that one has to fit into in order to pursue their dream career.

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