My Personal Experience: My Relationship With My Best Friend

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Not many people would have expected my best friend and I of six years to grow as close as we are from the way our friendship started off. My relationship with my friend, Jonathan, started off very rough and still to this day have many up and downs that we encounter. Even though our relationship was rocky, it grew from a friendship of association to a friendship of reciprocity. It all started in seventh grade when the initial contact and acquaintanceship was at a point of very much dislike. It was not until high school that the relationship turned into a casual friendship, and then turned into an intimate friendship by the end of our life in high school. I will explain how my best friend serves my need as a friend through utility, affirmation, ego support, stimulation, and security Jonathan and I first met in the seventh grade when we both shared the same biology class. Our initial contact was not one that…show more content…
I would say that college has not necessarily put a big strain on our relationship, but has made us face new challenges. We took advantage of living down the street from one another and going to the same high school. There was always the constant interpersonal communication from being able to see each other every day and hanging out whenever we wanted. Our communication has turned into more of a computer-mediated communication. It is not the same and is ten times harder to connect to my best friend when I need him most. We do not talk as much as we use to when we were always near each other not that I am going to college that is three and half hours away. It has kind of put distant between our friendship, but we always randomly text one another to always have that constant connection or knowing that we are still there and have not disappeared. A long distance friendship may seem like it is hard, but I feel like this experience makes our bond stronger by not distancing ourselves from one

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