My Personal Experience: My First Day At School

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Your first day at a school you just moved to. You only know some of the people whom you met through football. No one else. It’s almost like you’re on a whole new planet. That’s how I felt when I moved to Amherst in the fifth grade.
I had already started football in early August, so I knew about twenty people. Even so, there were nearly seven hundred kids in the fifth and sixth grades alone. I ride the bus to school because my mom thinks I will meet some of the other kids in my neighborhood, and make some new friends. I don’t. We arrive at school, book-bags on and some people with their lunch bags in their hands, I walk through the doors, and there is a welcoming committee that gave all the students a bag of cookies, so students could feel
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I am picked close to last because no one has seen me play basketball before. I scored twenty points! From then on, I was a team captain every time we played football or basketball. We come back in from playing outside, and I am still so euphoric from going to recess, that the rest of the day flies by, math and social studies classes. To sum up the day, we go to homeroom and talk about our first day at school for forty-five minutes.
“It’s so refreshing to be back and hanging out with friends,” a kid announces to the group he’s standing in.
“I know, I haven’t seen you guys for a few months,” another kid chimes in.
After I get back home, my mom questions me, “So how did your first day go”?
“It was one of the most fun days of my life” I say, as I divulge into the story of the whole day. After I came to Amherst, I didn’t know how it would impact my life because being the new kid is difficult sometimes. It caused me to be uneasy at first about talking to people, and not wanting to share personal information about myself. I came to a realization a few years later, that this was the change I needed in my life, to be able to talk to people and step outside of my comfort circle, and it has shaped me to be the person I am

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