My Personal Experience: My Experience Of Reading And Writing

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In Elementary School when I was learning how to read and write I experience what felt like the worst days of my childhood. I will never forget those days because I felt worthless and didn’t believe that I would make it through school. My first grade teacher at Fultondale Elementary School started noticing that it was difficult for me to read and write, so she pulled me aside from all the other students to see what I was doing wrong. As this continued I felt more and more like an outcast to my classmates. I remember the teacher calling my parents one day to set up a conference about what strategies they could use at school and home to help me grasp the contents of both reading and writing. At that point I was then diagnosed with a learning disability in both reading and writing as well as mathematics. At the end of my first grade year the teacher and principal advised my parent to hold me back into the first grade or otherwise I would fail the second grade due to lack of reading and writing skills, So like most caring parents would do, mine chose to hold me back to see if I would improve on reading as well as writing. It was extremely hard for me because at this age I was being made fun of for not being like the other students. My second year in the first grade began, my new teacher had set me up with a resource…show more content…
This went on all the way through Fultondale High School. I always wished I could’ve been as educated as the students I was around because they could comprehend material faster than I could. I was always the last one finished with my class work, and during group activities I felt left out because the others worked at a fast pace. I can replay in my head all the times I was made fun of or asked why I always was leaving the classroom with another teacher by other students, so I would just make up a lie. I felt this way all during my Elementary School
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