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Writing has come naturally to me due to my past and experiences. My first language was not English and for this reason I devoted myself to learning what I could and more. Any project that was given in school, I chose to do a written essay or paper. This gave and continues to give me practice and experience to the English language. If I want to get anywhere in life in America, I have to read, write, and speak English fluently; otherwise I would be known as less by my peers. As of today, I can read, write, and speak English fluently. However, speeches are still a difficulty; I feel as if I am being judged, but I know I can overcome this obstacle with practice and experience.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I had always favored writing
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There are no personal views, opinions, or thoughts in research papers, so I the idea of sharing myself in a paper felt disturbingly wrong. I had no idea what was too personal or if I was personal enough. Personal stories, that are required for the course, have always felt invasive to me. However, in this instance, it felt therapeutic. For years, I carried these thoughts with me without sharing them with anyone. When I got my paper back, I showed it to my sister, to show her how much I appreciate her.

For this paper, I visited the Writing Center in the library multiple times. However I felt about my paper, I required a second opinion on my paper. The fear of not being my best, has always hindered me. When I visited the Writing Center, they told me, my fear of not being my best is unwarranted. According to the Writing Center, the paper was fine by all standards. However, I visited the Writing Center multiple times, for multiple papers, and for multiple classes. However, the need for a second opinion will always be with
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As a political science major, I have a firm grip on my opinions. The hardest thing to do was settling on a certain topic. Almost every example I was given to do the paper on, I had an opinion on. I am confident in choosing race relations in America. I felt knowledgeable on the subject and had a personal dash on the subject.

I realized that race relations in America was a very broad topic. Therefore, I chose a more narrow subject. I wrote about how technology has recently changed race relations in America. Social media, smartphones, news media, and body cameras have revolutionized the movement. While I had changed the topic from its previous inception in the opinion paper, it still held the core subject necessary for the research paper.

The research paper felt like familiar territory after the personal papers in the beginning of the semester. Nonetheless, I did not expect for my research paper to be personal as well. The hardest things for research papers, for me, is keeping an unbiased view on the topic. Being a minority in the United States and writing about race relations, albeit not my own, was personal and opinionated at times. Every time I delved into dangerous territory with opinions, I always tried to back-up my opinions with facts. There was a very thin line in the paper that separates opinions and facts. I may have reached the line a few times, but I do not think I crossed the line at any
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