My Personal Ethical Dilemma

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An ethical dilemma unlike what most people believe, is not a decisions that is to be made between a right and wrong situation. Instead an ethical dilemma is a decisions that the “agent” makes between two course of action that may both be right or similar in nature. These two course of action need to be different but don’t necessarily have to be better than each other. In other words within this ethical dilemma, no matter what choice is being taken, there is an ethical principle that is being compromised and there really is no perfect solution to the problem. The ethical dilemma that comes to my mind is the situation that happened to my friend and I our sophomore year of high school. We went to a football game in Buffalo, Wyoming and decided to stay at one of my friend’s house. Like most football games, once it was over there was a party up the mountain and we decided to go up there and hang out for a while. During this party my friend, let’s call her “Brooke”, had been raped by one of the senior football players. She had told him no repeatedly and had tried to push him away from her, but he was too strong and ended up over powering her. The football player after he was finished began beating Brooke and then left her in the tent.…show more content…
Brooke made me promise that I wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened and made me bring her home. Once we were there, I started thinking about the evidence of the rape and how without reporting that, this football player was more than likely going to get away with it. Reporting this to the police and having Brooke go to the hospital to do a rape kit, may be very hard for her and in a way may be worse than the rape itself because of the stigma attached to rape itself. To report or not to report is my ethical

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