My Personal Environment: The Environment Of My Family

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Environment. The surroundings or conditions in which a person operates. An example of an environment is a home. My home is my family. Throughout my seventeen years, my family, whether it was their intention or not, has shaped me into a person who is responsible, accepting of criticism, and has a very empathetic heart. Responsibility is a trait that is learned from experiences throughout our life that teach us to be accountable for our decisions which impact others as well as ourselves. For about twelve years now, I have been responsible for two human beings who I love with all my heart along with my mother. I can’t remember a time where I wasn’t responsible for my brother, Brandon and my sister, Frances in some way. Whether it was telling them not to jump on the couch or picking them up from the bus stop when our mom wasn’t home from work yet. With my mom spending the majority of her time at work, I’ve grown up as the unofficial babysitter of the family. Since I got home either with or before them, I learned to cook simple meals, check if they had any homework, made sure…show more content…
I would like to say that I am an empathetic person due to the fact that I grew up in such a loving and caring environment with my mom, my brother, and my sister. They often like to joke about how when we watch movies, no matter if fictional or not, I always seem to worry more about the well-being of the animals rather than the people themselves. I simply reply with a smile and say,” Well it’s not my fault. Its moms’ because she made me the way I am.” I honestly don’t think that I could be the person I am today without them in my life. I am grateful for how supportive they are and how they tell me, no matter how blunt, when I say something so extremely stupid that they can’t believe that I am going to graduate
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