My Personal Differences: My Different Types Of Personality

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As there are many different types of personalities, each personality is exerted in its own special way. My overall personality that includes extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience. Extraverts enjoy being with people, are full of energy, and often experience positive emotions. I scored to be average on the extraversion portion of the personality test. Agreeableness reflects individual differences in concern with cooperation and social harmony. I scored to be average on the agreeableness portion of the test. I scored to be above average on the conscientiousness portion of the test. I scored to be above average on the neuroticism portion of the test. I scored to be below average on the openness…show more content…
I gathered these percentages from four theories including psychodynamic, humanistic, biological and social cognitive. An example from my life of psychodynamic would be that as a child my dad spent a lot of time with me, affecting and making me into the person that I am today. An example from my life of humanistic is how my mother tries to encourage me when I say bad things about myself. An example from my life of biological is that when I answer my mother’s phone, everyone always thinks that it is my mother because I talk and sound like her. An example from my life of the social cognitive theory is the way my niece acts to me, compared to how she acts with her friends. An overall personality can be illustrated from my favored personality trait to my disliked personality trait, and my desire to change traits in my…show more content…
The sub domain trait that I would change would be vulnerability. I scored an 84 in the vulnerability portion of the test, and I think I am way to vulnerable. I think this may also have a lot to do with genetics, I think my mom and grandma are both way to vulnerable. I wish I could change this trait because I give people way too many chances, and I hurt myself by doing this. I am way too nice, and that is why I give so many chances. If I wasn’t so vulnerable, I wouldn’t get so stressed about problems I allow others to throw off on me. I think if I was not so vulnerable, then I wouldn’t be near as stressed, and I wouldn’t have as much
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