My Passion, My Love, Dance

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My Life, My Passion, My Love, Dance The Rockettes continue to shine as an American treasure; their glamorous performance style and complex routines have charmed audiences for generations. As the stars of a legendary holiday production, these immensely talented and hard-working women showcase their precise dance style while performing challenging and modern choreography. As a young girl, I loved precision dancing and performing with my dance studio. I became familiar with the Radio City Rockettes and desired the confidence they emitted. Not only did I anxiously await the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade each year, but I continuously watched the movie "Annie,” impressed by the simplicity with which the Rockettes kicked and transitioned to unique …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they became familiar with the radio city rockettes as a young girl who loved precision dancing and performing with their dance studio.
  • Describes how their good fortune allowed them to take dance classes from a few women who danced as rockettes for several years. they focused on their tap and jazz technique while performing in national dance competitions.
  • Narrates how they decided to audition closer to home for the fox theater, muny kids, and the american ballet theatre studio company.
  • Explains that they attribute their success to years of hard work, dedication, and a natural eye for dance precision. rehearsals require endurance and focus.
  • Opines that the nutcracker holds a soft spot in their heart because it is the most important production that plays to nearly thousands of people at each show.
  • Opines that the junior rockettes are still a dream worth chasing. they continue to work hard because they believe that they can fulfill their childhood desires.

Rockettes are known for having flawless legs, and I started to become leggy myself. I focused on my tap and jazz technique, just as the Rockettes do, while performing in national dance competitions and at many other events. At fifteen, as an experienced dancer at The Center of Creative Arts Dance Company, a friend invited me to audition with her for the Junior Rockettes in Chicago. When she backed out, my family drove me, and I joined 250 other girls in a line that wrapped around the building. For two exhausting days, I tapped hundreds of rhythms, executed several jazz routines, and high kicked enough that my hamstrings would never be the same. A panel of directors and choreographers diligently took notes and delivered corrections to help us resemble a Rockette’s …show more content…

Almost three months later, I received my offer phone call. I felt as if I rode a wave of enormous luck: like I had been handed a special gift. For me to actually be a Junior Rockette involved moving my entire family to Chicago. Long contemplation left my family and me with sleepless nights. Even though this would be a tremendous experience for me, it would involve too many unnecessary changes. I declined the offer, but promised to attend all Junior Rockette and Rockette extravaganzas in the future. Since my life revolved around dance, I decided to audition closer to home for the Fox Theater, Muny Kids, and the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company. Fortunately, I was chosen for each spot, but I only accepted from the American Ballet Theatre Studio Company in St. Louis, Missouri. As I enter my third season with the company, I remain as grateful as ever, but attribute my success to years of hard work, dedication, and a natural eye for dance precision. Today as I prepare for our 2017 edition of the Nutcracker, I must arrive at rehearsals strong, fit, and prepared with a positive attitude. Rehearsals require endurance and focus: we practice approximately fifteen hours a week for four months to perfect the Nutcracker. I believe I have kept the sports tape industry in business by using it to prevent blisters from my pointe

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