My Parents Adrenting Style: Authoritarian Parenthood

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My parents ' parenting style is Authoritarian because they use control and fear to expect their children to follow their set of strict rules without reasoning or effective communication and if not done so, would be yelled and beaten. The parenting style did not consists of listening to child 's point of view, expressing any affection, or empathy towards the child. We were just expected to respect, not talk back, not look into elder 's eyes, and to do exactly what were told. Problems that a child face due to Authoritarian parenting, accurately impacted me throughout childhood just as the research predicted. The lack of effective emotional bonding that express of being open-minded, sharing, and understanding child 's needs and feelings, put…show more content…
I have a positive style, complications can rise with my child when dealing with trust and respect. Trust and respect could be a problem if I were to have a child and even is a problem at times when raising my younger brother. Since, I had been raised by the importance of respect, I tend to at times, get oversensitive, when I feel there is a lack of respect between my younger brother. Many assumed that a child 's parenting style would be the same as their parents. However, that is not always the case through knowledge, awareness, and correction. My parenting styles would be similar to my parents if I was not aware and didn 't change my unhealthy behaviors. Behaviors such as being too controlling, unresponsive, and too strict. I dealt with many mental issues that disrupted my learning, my self-esteem, and the ability to communicate effectively. Since, I understood both the physical and mental pain I dealt with, I couldn 't bare with the idea of my younger brother and my future children, to go through what I had to go through. I make sure that I allow my brother to deal with situations his own way even if I may not agree. I give reasons without the use of abuse, to why I am not happy with the behavior he is presenting, if there is any. Most importantly, cater to him with much love, support, and affection that I possibly can everyday. So, my current parenting style shaped by my childhood would improved due to
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