My Own Wife Essay

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In Brady’s essay written in 1971, she shares her personal views on wifely responsibilities. Brady is sharing all the duties a wife does and this is why she wants her own wife. She shares a variety of details such as a wife watching the children while working, tracking appointments, caring for all her husbands needs and entertaining the husband’s friends while keeping quite. She feels that her job is never done and she is doing it all, including taking care of the husband. Knowing where stuff is right when he needs it. Not only does a wife keep track of the children, but she also care and tracks what ever the husband needs. When ready Brady’s story, I began to laugh. I feel like for the most part she has valid information listed.

A lot of these responsibilities do still fall on the wife’s to a certain extent, however times have changed tremendously. In today’s society there are many stay at home fathers who do all of these things that Brady listed. In other families the chores or duties are split. In some households the wife’s do what they are good at and the husbands do what they are good at. There are also families that do nothing and live differently then any norm in society. I
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I don’t think everything should be placed on one person. Working is a job, but can also be a get away. Being a stay at home mother is a lot of work, as well as going to work. Working duties in both places could be hard and challenging. I feel that work and being a stay at home mom both have benefits and negatives. Being a stay at home mother leaves her to run errands, take care of children, clean house, do laundry and go to all events. Not to mention be involved in all of these events and sometimes cater to them. Being a working husband means there is hard work to be done, dealing with people, making decisions and answer to a boss. Both are jobs and at the end of the day, both the working husband and stay at home wife are
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