My Other Mother

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“Dear Cheryl, he is yours for now. Take good care of this wonderful boon while I’m gone serving for the country. Thanks! – Your cousin, Ronald. [PS: All of his stuff like diapers, and baby powder, is in this big bag beside Paul’s basket.”] This was the note attached to the basket where the baby, Paul was peacefully sleeping. Cheryl is a 23-year old slacker, who cares for nothing but partying on any given night with friends, and also works at a photography shop part-time .She is also the only living relative of Ronald in the city. He leaves his infant son to her care in order to pursue his dream to join the Navy. The baby’s mother, Olga is a rising adult movie star trying to make her name in the industry. That is the reason on why she left Paul and his father, Ronald. Cheryl immediately takes the baby’s basket and leaves him in her living room. She then proceeds to study with on how to use the equipment, such as feeding bottles found in the baby’s bag. The phone rings and Cheryl grabs it. “Hey Cheryl, could you come with us this Saturday at Colours for some Saturday night fun?” asks Melissa on the phone. “Sorry, I have some kiddie matters to attend”, she replied dryly. “Too bad, you’re going to miss the fun that we’ll have plus, you’ll meet some dashing hunks during that night at Colours,” she responds, trying to convince Cheryl. Then, the infant wailed. “Uh, Coming!” she whispered.” ‘’See, that’s what I am talking about, Mel, she retorts’’. We’ll talk again to each other later Melissa. Got to go, bye and have fun!” and she drops the phone. She checks on the child and rushes to gives him a pacifier, but he won’t stop. She grabs a toy from the baby’s bag and hands it to the baby, but the baby throws it away. Her face... ... middle of paper ... ...from her, but is consoled by Cheryl. A lengthy procedure followed. A lot of oppositions, defences, and theories were presented to the honourable judge. The session was adjourned that day, leaving everybody in curiosity. After everything has been settled, the high court has unanimously decided to give full custody to Cheryl until the boy becomes of legal age, with finality. Olga is also sentenced by the court to be imprisoned for 3 years, pay a fine of $300,000 and to give child support to her biological son, as well as to his guardian, Cheryl yearly once she is released from prison. She suddenly looks at them in disdain, while Cheryl and Paul embrace each other tightly with slight tears of joy in their eyes. “You’ll be my mommy forever, and we won’t be apart”, Paul whispers to Cheryl. “We won’t we won’t be apart again, my son”, she whisperingly said also with joy.
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