My Observation Hours At The Grove Intermediate School Building

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Physical Development For my observation hours, I observed children in the special services department at the Coulter Grove Intermediate School building in Maryville, Tennessee. Though this department covers a wide variety of grades, I concentrated my attention on the second to fifth graders. These children were in the same room, with another special services classroom across the hall (that I did not observe). This is due to the lower concentration of special needs students in the school system. My observation hours occurred between the hours of 12:00 PM and 2 PM. I focused two of these sessions (or four hours) on observation of the physical domain in child development. While the special services department does contain children with special needs (therefore, those who have not developed to their fullest capacity), it also features neurotypical children who work as “peer buddies” and are developing normally. The gender divide among the children was around even, although there was a definite race divide, with most children being white. One child out of all the children was black. As a result of the department being focused on special needs children, there were many more teachers than there is in a typical classroom, with the majority of these teachers having a calm approach to leading the children, although making sure to be very firm in their directions. The classroom differed from a “typical” classroom, with a couch on one side of the room and space to sit down on the floor and work. There was also a special area dedicated to children to have time to “cool down” and a bathroom attached to the classroom. While I spent most my time in the classroom, I also observed in the hallway (as sometimes reading sessions or other sessions woul... ... middle of paper ... ...textbook, as girls starting to grow faster than boys around age nine and tending to acquire more baby fat. Although most of the children I observed were developing normally in terms of the growth area of their physical development for their age, there were a few that were did not have the skills required for their gross and motor development. This is due in a large part to the fact many of them were special needs children and therefore were already developing at a slower pace than their typical counterparts. As many gross and fine motor skills require cognitive skills as well, such as through rapid response, this was consistent with what we have learned in class and what has been described in the textbook. This demonstrates that physical development is not only attributed to what can be observed on the outside of a child, but linked to other aspects of development.

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