My Observation Based On The Five Foci Of Leadership

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In the following paragraphs, I will discuss more about my observation based on the Five Foci of Leadership perspective, and the situational and follower factors. Firstly, I am agree with Ms. Li’s opinion that communicating skills are amazing and useful in workplace, and she has strength like empathy and compassion, which is about having feeling s for others. It provided her a lot of good chances to close the distance between her subordinates and herself, and making friends with some of them rather than purely business relationship. Another strength of her would be loyalty, because she has been working for China Southern Airlines since she graduated from university. Her career defines her as a loyal and believable one, which gains reputation for both her company and herself. Then for the Ethical and Consistent part, she is conserved to be an accountant, and creative to be a leader. Based on the good relationship with all of her general manager of the branch company, her organization her department and review on the work of accounting and finance and must be satisfied and well qualified. In the year-end performance review, she gained applause again for doing awesome job description and performance, which was, not only rely on her but also on her team. On the other side, she is also creative to organize her team and make each one stretch on their potential. Like the discussion meeting held among different departments, she enjoyed receiving requests from others and make her people to reply them with new and simple analysis. After talking about Ethical and Consistent, It comes to the part of Confidence and Competence. I consider Ms. Li one of the most confident and competent lady I have ever seen, and I had a chance of attending h... ... middle of paper ... ...ces and prepare for the outcomes. She would love to hear different voices and opinions from their subordinates, and is willing to take those advices. Just as she talked about the discussion meeting in the company, she received emails from not only her subordinates but also from other departments about understanding the financial analysis, and she is influenced by those voices and change their professional analysis to much simpler and more understandable analysis for people who are not a professional in accounting and finance. In some rare situations, like an emergency or during the rush season, Ms. Li would also be coercive than she usually is to push the team move forward. During summer, airlines industry experiences the busiest months and every one in the company is working longer hours. To be more effective, she will increase her power in certain circumstances.

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