My Observation At The University Of Arizona

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Every one knows religion play an important role in the society. Through studied this class, I know there are two primary ways to define religion. The first is a substantive definition, “these types of definitions are concerned with that religion IS and what its followers believe.” (PPT. 8/27) The second type of definition is functional definition, “Functional definitions are more concerned with what religion DOES and how it affects the society it exists in.” (PPT. 8/27) I come from China, so this is my first time to touch the real Christian group and as my knowledge the Christian group is the biggest religion group in the US, Christian also is most influential religion group in the US. I did this observation for my final paper and it was a fantastic experience. My observation research place is near the University of Arizona; the group name is “international student Fellowship”. I did my observation on October 30th. on Friday. The activity started at 6pm and end of 10pm, it is around 4 or 5 hours. The activity house on the 1 street. The owner donates it to the Christian group as an activity center. The most people in the activity is Chinese student who studied in the University of Arizona and usually has more than 20 people in the activity. The house has 6 rooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen. The living room is biggest room, it mainly responsible for the total activity, like “sung Bible”, eating dinner. The other rooms mainly responsible for study the Bible. Because different people has different level of studied the bible, so according the level of studying, people has different rooms. The living room is biggest room, the room holds a piano, one big table and a gaming table. Because the most people in there are student, so the... ... middle of paper ... ...ost people in the “international fellowship” come from China and the religion provide the place let them to know each other. Through study the Bible they know each other, and through same belief they can become better acquainted with each other and build up trust and friendship. This is powerful force of religious belief. As a conclusion, I finally understand why the Christianity can be called “biggest” religion on the world. Because they have same belief, in the Christianity people just have one god. So all the moral rule is same, it is helped people find the common and then to be friend. The Christian also provide opportunity to do the social activity. As contrast, Buddhist has several different Buddha, like WenShu Buddha, SongZi Buddha. Through the observation, I know the observation method is a really good way to know a new thing. It was a fantastic experience.
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