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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Who are you?
I've always been fascinated by the human body and the medical field. I received a Bachelors in Biology a few years ago because I wanted to be a pharmacist. However, after looking into the profession more and shadowing a few pharmacists, I realized it was not for me. I then fell in love with nursing after working with numerous nurses and providers at a medical clinic. I loved the interaction nurses had with patients and how good it felt knowing that you helped someone.
Nursing is a health care field that provides care for those whom are ill or injured and offer preventative care to healthy people. Nursing promotes health and advocacy when it comes to the care of patients. Nursing exists because the healthcare system needed a profession that not only treated ill people but also cared for individuals as a whole. This involves taking cultural differences and preferences into consideration. Nurses recognize that patients aren't just a set of symptoms that need to be
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The nurse's job is to assess the patient's health status and the response to their plan of care. The nurse focuses on meeting the patient's needs, which includes emotionally, socially, and spiritual. While assessing it's also important to note the patient's environment and making sure it's safe for them. My vision for nursing is to be able to provide the highest level of care as best of my ability. Nursing should be seen as a respected health care profession and equally to health care providers. I think one of the biggest challenges I will face as a nurse is the ratio of nurse to patients. A nurse can be assigned up to six patients, making it difficult to address every patient's emotional needs throughout their care. My goals for professional development is to learn how to effectively communicate in a professional manner in a high level of stress
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