My Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Everyone has their own views of what nursing is. To me, nursing is more than just a job. It is about working as a team to take care of ill patients, treating them with dignity, kindness, respect and compassion. It is about loving what you do while doing it, and not once complaining. As we know, nursing is not for everyone. You must have a strong heart and a true compassion for others while working in the nursing field. The reason I chose nursing is because I want to be the one to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives. Knowing that I can help care for someone and/or their family in a time of need is truly rewarding.
Who I am as a nurse?
Growing up, I was involved in softball. It was a huge part of my
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It helps guide nurses in focusing on the quality of patient care to provide for better outcomes. One of Parse’s models that I believe closely relates to nurses is the teaching-learning model. “Teaching-learning is a never-ending journey of giving-receiving in coming to know, and is an ever-changing unitary process that focuses on the individuals’ responsibility for learning and a belief in truth for the moment” (Parse, 2007, pg. 33). This model affects me as a nurse in a positive way. Not only are nurses’ teachers in which they teach patients how to properly take care of themselves, but they are also learners, in a way that they are constantly learning new things every single…show more content…
Throughout each semester, I have learned about several medications and how they work within the body, as well as different disease processes that are common among adults, children, and infants. I know, as a nurse, I will continue to learn and gain knowledge about medicine throughout my nursing career. Nursing school has also taught me how to care for all types of individuals. From in-class meetings to clinical hours at the hospital, it has given me the essential tools in order to better care for my patients, such as how to make a bed, give a bed bath, and different interventions to help keep a patient from developing bed sores. All the things that I have learned while in nursing school has taught me how to become a health advocate for others. If a loved one is sick, I will be able to better advocate for them about specific treatment options available. I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to attend nursing school as it has taught me such valuable lessons that I will carry with me
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