My Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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There are plenty of great nursing theorist with numerous different nursing philosophies. It is difficult to have my own personal nursing philosophy as a nursing student without any nursing experience. So I started with the question, “What is a philosophy of nursing?” A philosophy of nursing is a key statement of a nurse’s belief, ethics and values regarding the care that they give to their patients while in the nursing profession (EPCI university, 2017). Then I asked myself the question “what is nursing to me and what will be guiding my practice?” In order to define my personal philosophy of nursing, I will address the three meta-paradigm of nursing, give an example of how my philosophy will look in the patient care setting, and which nursing theorist gave me inspiration for my own philosophy. The purpose of this paper is to share my own personal nursing…show more content…
In a holistic view, care involves the whole person and uses a patient-focused approach to solve problems. Every person has different needs, and thus requires a different plan of action. Care must be planned according to each person and viewed as mind, body, and spirit. Just like how every patient have different plan of care, their environment varies with each person. For example, an aging adult transitioning from life to death stage will want a quiet, peaceful environment, whereas an adolescent recovering might want their peers around to socialize and feel like they're not alone. When we follow the holistic approach it is the nurse’s duty to provide whatever environment is needed to promote healing. Health is a continuum and we want to maintain it by incorporating the holistic approach into the patient’s daily life. Nurses need to educate self-care and self-responsibility to the patients. The mind, body and spirit needs to be present as a whole in order for patients to continue to take care for their own
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