My Nursing Experience: My Clinical Experience In Nursing

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This week’s clinical days was very impacted me personally. My first clinical day for this week was the anniversary day that my mother passed away seven years ago. I knew working in a hospital setting will reminded me greatly about my mother’s last stage of her life. I am very much closed to my mother; therefore, it hurts me tremendously thinking about the saddest time of my life spending in the hospital with my ill mother. But at the same time, I knew I have to put my personal feeling aside if I wanted to become a professional nurse. I started my first clinical day with sadness and hoping that I can make a difference in someone else’s life; after all, my mother’s illness journey is the reason that I wanted to become the best nurse I can be;…show more content…
When I saw how much the Alzheimer patient’s daughter appreciate my care for her mother by treating my patient as I was treating someone I loved, I felt like I am working toward my goal of being a professional nurse; I can put aside my personal feeling and act professional according to what I learned in nursing school. This is the first time I took care of a patient that has Alzheimer, I didn’t know what can I do to make a difference in her life at the beginning. But by applying my learned experiences from the nursing school and by being myself, I actually achieve the goal of providing the best care as a professional nurse student to my patient. And my actions also lead to the satisfaction and happiness from her family. Nothing can make me feel more satisfied when I saw the appreciation from the patient and their family. This is the main reason I wanted to become a professional…show more content…
However, I also understand that if I wanted to become the best professional nurse I wanted to become, I needed to continue to acquire knowledges from the textbooks and from the experience health care professionals around me. For example, if I have more knowledge on Alzheimer disease, I would not be scare and uncertain about what should I do in the beginning when I have my Alzheimer patient. I would have the skills to perform my tasks without uncertainty. From this experience, I plan to do ask my instructor or my nurse when I encounter something that I have never deal with before to make sure that I can provide the best nursing practices I could for my patients. I know that I have limited knowledge at this point to be professional in health care setting, but as long as I have the urge to learn new skills and continue to acquire new knowledges, I know I will be a professional nurse one
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