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I woke up that morning knowing exactly what I had to do. I was anxious and scared, but I knew this was a chance I needed to take. Zoella came into my bedroom with the look of quest in her eyes. I sat in a cold, wooden chair as she gracefully chopped off my hair. We locked eyes in the mirror as she began to say, “Alexa, you don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to, it’s up to you. I am here to support whatever decision you choose to make.” I hesitantly replied back, “I am going to regret it if I don’t take this chance.” I put on my new masculine clothes and walked out of my home, frightened, but excited to start this new journey.
I followed Zoella to the underground tunnel. She walked mile with me, until we reached the vault. She figured out a way to undo the security system, so I can climb up into the outside world. I was heading to The University, the only four-year university in the city of Chicago. This university was only welcoming to young men, whom were going to be shaped into becoming society’s next working class.
In our society, women and men were born into two different worlds. Men were born into the free world of opportunities, while women were sent to the underground world of Springfield Illinois, also known as a UW. Springfield used to be the capital of Illinois before the Splitting War. This war occurred years ago, in 2020, where the leader of the country decided that the world would be a better place if we eliminated the female species from society; that is when they created underground facilities to house women across the country. The facilities were underground, compacted areas that supplied the female species with essential needs for survival. Being that we are living in 2100, we do not know what i...

... middle of paper ... should not be sucked away. We have the right to achieve what we aspire to do. We are worth more than just a tool for creating more men. We can run corporations, create relations, and inspire others. Without women, men do not know how to contain relationships with others; they do not know how to care for themselves or others. Women create structure in society, not destruction.
The capital sent robots out across the country to seize the chaos and bring the women back underground. Robots were sending freeze rays out to the crowds, which were temporarily paralyzing the revolutionist. This was not stopping us. I joined the crowds as we started storming the nearest university. I felt empowered, as women across the world had joined my force to start a revolution. Lights flickered across the sky and I knew this was the marking of a new era: The Women’s War had begun.

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