My Narrative Experience Of A Home Burglary

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Home Burglary Have you ever felt uncomfortable to live in your own home? Out of my thirty two years of living, I have encountered a few terrifying experiences. However, of those incidents none could compare with the experience of our home being burglarized. I was undecided moving into this house because it was a decent but known to be a dangerous area. With my options being few, I decided to sign a year lease. Only one more month before my lease was over, that’s when the unthinkable happened. It was a slow but hectic day for me and all I could think was showering, eating dinner and going to sleep. We finally arrived home and everything seemed to be normal. With groceries in hand, I decided to give my oldest daughter my keys to open the door. As we walked in, we stopped in shock and starred at each other. We looked around and noticed our home did not look the way we left it that morning. The first thing we noticed was clothes all over the living room floor and furniture. Then we noticed our large flat screen missing and that is when we realized our house had been broken into.…show more content…
I am a single mother of two daughters and I fear someone taking advantage of that fact. Once I checked the house, I noticed how they thieves broke in and how they exited and began to take pictures. As we searched the house, we noticed all of our valuable expensive items were gone. Every emotion came to mind but I knew I could not show that to my children. One item that I noticed was missing was the flat screen my father had left me when he passed away. Still I held it all together and thanked God we were not home, because it could’ve been
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