My Nana On My Mother's Side Of A Family

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For this interview, I decided to focus on my Nana on my mother’s side of the family. Her name is Thelma Linville and she was born December 2nd, 1944. She was born in Mexico Missouri to Theodore Linville and Sandy Wyble. She told me that Mexico was a very simplistic town. Some of her earlier memories involve playing with her sisters Toby and Roxy. My Nana, Thelma is the youngest and Roxy is the oldest. They were her best friends when growing up. Obviously, they are still best friends to this day. They all got along great. According to her, her sisters were funny, kind, honest and overall, good sisters. She also had a best friend from school named Mary. Sadly, Mary moved away when High School started. However, they are friends on Facebook and they talk every now and then. Thelma’s parents were fairly strict. They would spank her and her sisters if they got in trouble. However, they were all pretty well behaved children. While growing up, my Nana wanted to be a nurse to help people. Some of my Nana’s hobbies as a kid included reading, sports, playing outside. When she started to get to her teen years, she picked up knitting and still knits to this…show more content…
When I asked her how were classmates would remember or describe her, she told me she was a pretty quiet kid that did well in school. So she imagines they would describe her as smart, hardworking and quiet. I found that interesting because that’s probably how most of my classmates would describe me. Her favorite memories from school were making friends, the teachers and graduating. She told me how proud she felt when she graduated High School. And when she graduated college, she felt very accomplished. Being a smart kid, the teachers liked her. Therefore, she got along with teachers and became good friends with some of them. I can relate to that because I have fond memories of High School that involve some of my favorite

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