My Music Is an Expression of Myself

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Music played a sparingly important role in our lives to illustrate, that it could cure depression that we could have experienced through our continuous life. Music may bring back memories from the past that could be notably, as our childhood and regrets we had may experience. Music could be different in many tones such as, many colors that would resemble remedy of the song or how the artist may feel about themselves. For example, music could be a rhythm that dancer may use to express through art of movement to show how they are feeling. Music could connect to our lives for instance, it can relate to the important experiences in our lives that we all have been through. From the freshman year of high school experience I had low self-esteem and was very depressed because most of my best friends from middle school attended a different high school. Indeed, my parents had forced me to attend different high school that I did not want to attend; therefore, I lost all my contacts with my best friends from secondary school. My parents believed a high school named “John Marshall High” was a ghetto high school; thus, I was forced to enroll in high school named “Eagle Rock High” that was thought to be a better environment for me in education. I was very depressed during that time so I stayed home all day and listen to music while doing homework to relax my anger at what my parents had done to me to be forced to leave my best friends. After I had stayed in Eagle Rock high for months, there have been so many clubs to join yet I did not join any of them because I felt that I did not adapt to the school environment enough yet to be able meet new people in my high school. After my second semester ... ... middle of paper ... ...tainly cope with our feelings in many ways because it can make you become a better person the way the artist describes people in society. For example, lyrics has real meanings behind the music, it’s just not about the remedy and harmony because music has its own soul that would help people with their personality. Music is the key to understanding other peoples’ lives because they might have the same life experience as you. Music is very powerful tool it that has changed the world in many ways it has changed a person falling from depression to happiness. In fact, Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons. Music can make people special on who they are because it describes their types of music they wish to listen to.

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